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Hugo Broos fumes: SA clubs sabotaging national team

South Africa head coach Hugo Broos has accused football clubs in the Premier Soccer League of obstructing the national team’s success.

Bafana Bafana faces a doubleheader against Ethiopia in their 2022 Fifa World Cup qualifier this weekend.

A win for the team will urge them closer to their pursuit of qualifying from Group E which has Ghana and Zimbabwe too.

But Broos, in a chat with SAFM has launched another scathing attack on the PSL and its clubs and coaches.

“I’m getting the feeling that some people in this country don’t want Bafana Bafana to succeed. Three months ago, I wanted to organize two friendly games.

“But suddenly there were league games in the middle of the camp which is against Fifa rules and I had to cancel my friendlies.

“Later, I asked for a meeting with PSL coaches and it was refused. I was told it’s not possible.

Broos continued: “Then there was the incident with Orlando Pirates where my coaches and I were refused entry.

Mamelodi Sundowns

“Yesterday, Sundowns organized a vaccination for Thabiso Kutumela. I have nothing against vaccination, but the timing of it.

“It is good to be vaccinated but how do they organize it in the middle of camp?. The FIFA rules say that after the last game, they must release their players. No club activity is possible during the Fifa period. But they went and organized a vaccination for Kutumela”

“Now Thabiso was not here yesterday because he couldn’t refuse the vaccination, because his club pays him. So I had to change all my plans yesterday.

No meeting and official photograph

“There was no meeting with the players because not everyone was here and we couldn’t also take a team photo.

“And also the other reason I am not happy is that if you get a vaccination, you could get symptoms. It’s possible that today or tomorrow Kutumela will have symptoms like flu, fever, cough or whatever. So I can’t take him with me to Ethiopia.”

Goodman Mosele

“And then something that I never saw in my life as a Coach or a player. A player who doesn’t come to camp. Goodman Mosele didn’t even come to camp. He didn’t send a message.

“He is unreachable. We don’t know what the reason is. I had to replace him. This was a big surprise to me.

Message to PSL clubs

“So that’s why I have the feeling that club football in this country is more important than Bafana Bafana. But clubs have to understand that directly they are advantaged if its good with Bafana.

“The value of the players increase when you have a good national team. I know this from my country.

“15 years ago, no one wanted a Belgian player. Now everyone wants a Belgian.

“Interest in SA players will increase when the National Team is good. Now in Europe, we don’t speak about SA players, we speak about Senegal, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana.”

The 2017 Africa Cup of Nations winner has guided South Africa to a win against Ghana and a draw away at Zimbabwe.

Bafana Bafana currently lead their group with 4 points ahead of the matches against Ethiopia in Addis Ababa and Johannesburg days later.


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