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DOL: Vision FC will be ready for the new season – Prince Owusu

Head coach of Vision FC, Prince Owusu is looking to starting the 2020/21 Division One League (DOL) on a good note.

Vision FC are preparing for the upcoming campaign scheduled to kickstart December 3-5, 2020.

Prince Owusu wants to put his team in shape before the league starts.

“It looks good and I’m really happy to see them come back.

“They have been home for a very long time and they came up in their numbers and I am happy to see them.

“Before we started, we told the boys to keep themselves in shape before the pre-season starts.

“The reason is that it is a long season and everything that you do, the foundation is very important.

“You make sure you have a good start as well so together we are ready for the season.

“We have to go through hard work and keep the body in shape, get the muscles well prepared for the distance.

“So I think this is the best for them and I think if they go through this successfully, we will be ready for the season.” the coach told Vision FC TV.

Vision FC have been in camp since the ban on football was lifted by the Ghana Government.



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