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Fifa and Caf COVID-19 Relief Funds: Allocations to DOL clubs reviewed upwards

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) has announced an upward review of the Fifa and Caf COVID -19 Relief Funds allocations to Division One League (DOL) and Regional Women’s Division One League clubs.

Per earlier allocations of the yet-to-be accessed $1,800,000 funds announced by the GFA, each of the 48 Division One League clubs was entitled to $7,500.

But the GFA Executive Council has now topped up the amount by $500 per club, totalling an addition of $144,000 to the $240,000 that was earlier announced. It now raises the quantum to $384,000 with each second-tier club now to take $8,000.

On the same score, the 72 Women’s Division One League clubs across the country will now receive $1,500 each, almost double the US$821 earlier announced. This is as a result of an adjustment of their allocation from $60,000 to $109,500.

The GFA Secretariat will inform the members of the Association of the changes and communicate the decision to the world football governing body, Fifa in due course.

Loan Waiver for GPL clubs

Furthermore, the Executive Council also took a decision to write off 50% of the remaining loan amount of GH¢25,000 owed by each of the Premier League clubs to the GFA.

It would be recalled that the GFA loaned each Premier League club an amount of GH¢50,000 before the commencement of the 2019/20 season.

When the pandemic set in, the federation waived half of the loan amounting GH¢25,000 as GFA COVID-19 Relief to the Premier League clubs.

Thus, upon this second waiver, each Premier League club now owe the GFA only GH¢12,500 of the outstanding loan.

This loan amount will be deducted from any sponsorship amount received in relation to the Premier League.


The Association also acknowledged and thank the Professional Footballers Association of Ghana (PFAG), for the donation of their share of the funds to the Health Insurance for the players (specifically adding it to the Division One League and Women’s League players)





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