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‘I’m inspired by eating Konkonte and groundnut soup’ – Thomas Partey

Whether it’s yams for Usain Bolt or its pounded version alongside Egusi soup for Anthony Joshua, a big carbohydrate diet has always been an essential part of strong athletic performances.

Of course, the overall diet of a professional athlete is meticulously selected to ensure they maintain their well-cut out physiques that is necessary for optimal efficiency.

But when it comes to food, it is a hard fight to stay away from guilty pleasures. And if you are Black Stars and Atletico Madrid midfielder Thomas Partey, that guilty pleasure is Konkonte and groundnut soup.

“I get more inspired by eating Konkonte and groundnut soup,” Partey revealed moments after lifting the Europa League with Atletico Madrid in Lyon when asked what food inspires him.

The dish is made from dried and pounded cassava and is popularly called “face the wall” in Ghana. Konkonte is especially popular in southern Ghana where Partey hails from.

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Eating home-made food however, is not the only way Partey, 24, stays in touch with his home country as he also revealed he is constantly using social media to connect with friends and family.

“I always connect with home. We have a lot of social networks. We talk via whatsapp, Facebook and I’m always seeing them. I’m happy, they’re happy and that’s what motivates me to be able to work harder,” he said.

Partey has grown to become a key member of Diego Simeone’s team which places emphasis on non-stop hard work.

And with the former Tema Youth star coming of his best season yet with the Rojiblancos, you have to say the konkonte has served him pretty well so far.



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