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GFA has no plans for best league coaches – Bashir Hayford

The 2014/15 best coach of the Ghana Premier League, Bashir Hayford has hit at the Ghana FA for neglecting the best trainer.

The league winner with Ashanti Gold came up against WAFA Coach John Killa and Aduana Stars trainer Kwabena Ameyaw and came as tops last year during the awards night.

But, three months after the awards ceremony, the Ghana FA and the PLB has not seen the need to place the nation’s best coach on any football-related programs or attachments at foreign clubs.

“After they say you are the best coach, that’s all. It ends there. That day they name you that is all! No program for you to follow, nothing! For me sometimes I wish I come from Togo because, Master, things that are happening here,” Hayford told Starr Sports.

“You are named the Best Coach and then the whole season you sit down until they choose another Best Coach. What are the programs for the best Coach? Elsewhere, Best Coaches are taken outside for attachment somewhere by the FA.

“The FA must say this is our Best Coach and we have to make sure we maintain his standard so maybe go to Liverpool or Chelsea on attachment for one week or programs like go to Tamale and meet the coaches and give them your experience,” he added.


Credit: Starr FM

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