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Andre Ayew hits out at dismissed Hammers director

Andre Ayew has hit out at disgraceful comments made by West Ham’s former head of recruitment Tony Henry.

Henry was sacked by the Hammers after a leaked emailed revealed he had told agents the Premier League club “don’t want any more Africans” because they “caused mayhem”.

Ayew left the East End club on deadline day, returning to Swansea for a club-record £18 million.

And the Ghanaian international, 28, said: “African players are like any human beings in the world, everyone is different.

“Maybe an African player can be difficult, but maybe a French or English player can be difficult too.

“Maybe an African player can be calm, so it’s not possible to say they are the same.

“Everyone has their character, their philosophy, and the way they were brought up.

“All African players lead their lives differently and lead their lives in the way they think is best for them as an individual player.

“I just know we African players are proud of ourselves, we know where we have come from and we believe in our football.

“You can see African players have played at the greatest clubs in the world and done their jobs.

“We have players who have played at the top level — Didier Drogba, for example.

“And I just know we have great players who have played for top teams.

“I feel African players have done a lot to get into professional football and now play for Barcelona, Real Madrid and Chelsea.”

Frontman Ayew joined the Hammers in 2016 for £20.5m.

But he said: “I didn’t pay attention to players coming in or out. There were a few African players there and I know them very well. For me, it’s an honour to be an African.

“I am so proud and so happy and I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

Ayew says Henry’s comments won’t affect the performances of the African players at West Ham

Henry admitted to having made comments to other agents over his unwillingness to sign African players.

He told the Daily Mail: “It’s nothing racist at all. It’s just sometimes they can have a bad attitude.”

But Ayew claims Henry’s comments will not affect the performances of other African players still at West Ham.

He said: “I haven’t spoken to anyone at West Ham, but it’s our job as footballers to play.

“West Ham have taken a decision and I know the African players are going to fight for their club.

“I know them really well and I know they are going to stick to their team and help them.”



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