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Nyantakyi has gained more in 14 years than Ghana football – Randy Abbey

A former Ghana FA Executive Committee member, Randy Abbey has admonished president Kwesi Nyantakyi to stay true to his already declared intention of not seeking a fourth term in 2019.

According to Abbey, the incumbent leader of the country’s football’s 14-year reign is ample time to have brought desired development in the running of the game.

Kwesi Nyantakyi, who became the Ghana FA president after successful election in 2005, has grown into becoming part of international football gurus who would take decisions that govern, administer and grow world football. He also is the 1st Vice President of the Confederation of African Football.

These feats, Randy Abbey, who once served the Nyantakyi administration as GFA spokesman, argues to have an inverse correlation with the collective growth of football in Ghana during the 48-year-old’s three terms so far.

Nyantakyi has reportedly been impressed upon by some members of the Ghana football fraternity to abandon his intention of gracefully bowing out when his third term ends next year.

“Nothing surprises me in this world. I don’t know what goes through his mind,” Randy Abbey stated regarding a possible U-turn by the Ghana FA chief. “He said he is not going to contest but if he decides that he is going to, that’s the decision he is going to take.”

Speaking further in an interview with Happy FM Friday, the Heart of Lions bankroller said he prefers a new leadership with “some freshness new ideas and strategy” for Ghana football.

“I do not think that he should contest again because we would have assumed that after 14 years, he would have given out his best. I don’t know what new he will bring on board after fourteen years.”

Randy Abbey continued: “On all fronts, his first term was his best term. If you look at it critically, it’s been retrogressing. The first term was better than the second and now, the second term is proving better than the third. What it means is that we are on a downward slope. We’ve been retrogressing, term by term.

“Incidentally, he personally has been progressing getting positions and all that. So while he is progressing upwardly, what he is superintending is retrogressing. Where he’s reached now, he has progressed very well and if you look per his term, same structure. But you look at the game, first, second and third terms, it is on a decline.

“It is not an opinion but these are facts, he added.





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