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Football and corruption inseparable – Yamin

A former deputy Youth and Sports Minister, Joseph Yamin believes corruption in football can only be minimized but the two will never be separated. 

Opinion continues to divide in the country and tempers flare up whenever issues of corruption come up for discussion.

And in the wake of Yaw Osafo Maafo’s latest corruption talk in Ghana football, the former deputy Sports Minister reiterates that the game of football is as old as corruption and the two are

“The day football was born, corruption was also born alongside it,” Joseph Yamin claimed in an interview with Nyhira FM.

He continued: “The day football started in Ghana, it came along with corruption.

“The game has ever and will continue to see corruption.

“Look at the Juventus match-fixing case case in Italy and what even happened with Sepp Blatter at FIFA.”




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