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Zacharias displeased about ‘unprofessinal’ Bechem United

Bechem United Coach Manuel Zacharias has expressed his displeasure at Bechem United for their “unprofessional” way of running the club.

The coach showed his discontent in an interview on Adehye3 FM in Kumasi on the way the club is run and said this is making it difficult for him to do his job without restrictions.

“We don’t have professionals enough to promote football and make good decisions. We have 1000 internet Presidents, we have 1000 internet coaches and everybody thinks he is the best. Everybody wants his decision taken prime but I win but people don’t respect me but it’s ok.

“A lot of them come to the dressing room and speak in different languages which I don’t understand and it becomes difficult for me but I am stronger now and will fight to keep my job,” Zacharias told Adehye3 FM in Kumasi.

When asked about whether he will resign from a club that is failing to act professionally, the Portuguese insisted he will stay and see his contract through.

“At the moment I can’t resign and leave the team. I will be jobless and need to work and support my family- my wife and kids in Portugal. I am not a rich man. If I resign from Bechem United, I will make my President sad and many people happy. Bechem United have a big name not because of the players but because of me which everybody knows.

“I don’t like talking, I am a simple coach and very fortunate coach winning a trophy in four months and some people forget that. We are representing Ghana in CAF Confederations Cup and I need a little more respect. For me God gives and takes but I do give a lot but very difficult for me to take.

Bechem United are preparing to feature in the CAF Confederations Cup and the 2017 Ghana Premier league. They are currently camping in Aburi but use the Legon facility for pre-season friendly games.

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